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Yes, in order to carry out goods and passenger transport activities, everyone is obliged to provide a løyvegaranti.
Guarantee for goods and passenger transport operations is in accordance with "Circular
N-3/2022 Guarantee sum for licenses 2022 and 2023". The Løyvestyremakten is the ministry for regulating licenses and which at all times determines the applicable guarantee amount - while the executive Løyvemyndighet is delegated regionally by county.

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A løyvegaranti  must cover outstanding claims you may have to undertake in your work. The person who is indemnified under the Guarantee is any creditor whose claim arises during the exercise of the licensee's business as a passenger or goods carrier.

Taxi licenses:
From 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023, the guarantee sum is NOK 53,000 for the first permit and NOK. 26,000 for the subsequent licences.


Goods and tour wagons:
From 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023, the guarantee sum is NOK 95,000 for the first license and NOK. 53,000 for the subsequent licences.
International licences
From 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023, the guarantee sum is set at NOK. 19,000 for the first license and NOK. 10,000 for the subsequent permits.

If the bank provides a bank guarantee, the bank can withdraw money you have in the account if a creditor has a claim on you. A løyvegaranti is not insurance!

The guarantee company ("guarantor") will demand any payment under the guarantee repaid by the licensee, as well as interest, fees and other necessary costs that may have been incurred by the guarantor in connection with the guarantee case. Matrix is not a guarantor, but only a representative of the guarantee company.

When one guarantee replaces another, this is considered an exchange of guarantee. This applies both when changing the guarantor and when stepping up and down the number of licences. When exchanging guarantees, the guarantee sum must be calculated on the basis of the new guarantee sums for all the licenses of the license holder.

A minibus with room for more than 8 passengers + driver is considered a touring car and separate rules apply. Contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration if you have any questions before you submit the application form for a permit guarantee. 

For "Soleholders" a credit check will always be carried out when the application form is registered with us. The credit check must be approved in order for us to be able to continue processing the application for a løyvegaranti. If you have payment notices or a low credit score, then we will have to refuse the application and we will not be able to continue processing the application until all your payment notices have been made up and deleted, or the credit score has changed.

A credit check is an analysis of your ability to pay. This means that your current financial situation is assessed to estimate the likelihood that you will be able to pay for you. Your life situation is also important in the assessment. Whether or not you are creditworthy is about your ability to service debt.

Yes, if the limited company has been in operation for more than 3 years, we can assess the application. In that case, we need the latest provisional accounts. If this is approved, a self-debtor form must also be filled in, and that you personally provide a self-debtor surety before we can process the application for a løyvegaranti further.

A self-debtor surety is a declaration that you guarantee the debtor's willingness to pay, and that you confirm that you will pay the debt when it falls due if he or she does not do it themselves.

Providing surety means providing personal security for the fulfillment of another's claim through a personal guarantee that the debt will be fulfilled, and the surety's responsibility is that the surety undertakes to fulfill the claim where the debtor defaults on the debt. What characterizes the surety obligation is that it is subsidiary to the debtor's obligations, and it is only when the debtor defaults that the surety's liability is normally asserted.

License holders who already operate a taxi business have until 1 January 2024 to get a løyvegaranti in place, as well as satisfy the requirements that have been introduced.

If you, as a license holder, take out a new license in 2023 in addition to the ones you have from before 01.01.2023, then you must have a løyvegaranti on the new license from 2023.

If you have sent us an application via a portal (website), this will be registered if you have received a confirmation that says "Your application has been submitted". You will hear from us as soon as we have processed the application and the normal processing time is 2-3 days.

If you have not received a confirmation message, please complete and submit an application form again.

No, unfortunately it cannot be split. The invoice must be paid every year as long as you have a løyvegaranti.

For guarantees that must be implemented by 31/12/2023, the following conditions apply: (NB! Only applies to the first year)

  • For agreements that come into effect before 30/09/2023, the establishment fee is NOK 0,-.
  • For agreements that take effect from 01.10.23 to 31.10.23, the establishment fee is NOK. NOK 1,000
  • For agreements that come into force in the period 01/11/2023 to 31/12/2024, the establishment fee is NOK NOK 2,000
A contract supplement is added to each agreement, which is currently NOK. NOK 490.

If you have received an offer from us and we have received confirmation from you that the løyvegaranti will be implemented, we will send you an e-mail with the guarantee certificate and invoice. We have sent the guarantee agreement to the County Municipality/State Road Administration, you can also check this at

The lien guarantee applies from the date of issue and is renewed every year until it expires, and the guarantee ends either:

  • When the licensee himself has terminated the guarantee to the guarantor and Matrix on behalf of the guarantor has sent written notification of this to the relevant licensing authority or
  • With two months' notice after Matrix, on behalf of the guarantor, has sent written notice of termination to the license holder with simultaneous notification to the relevant licensing authority of the termination.
If you hand in your licence, you yourself must cancel your løyvegaranti in writing to us, as we will not receive any notification that a license has been handed in from the county council or the Norwegian Road Administration.
The lien guarantee covers claims that have arisen in the period from the date of issue of the guarantee until it ceases. Only overdue claims can be registered against the guarantee.
If you yourself do not settle the claim with your creditor, then the claim will be paid from your løyvegaranti and a recourse claim will be sent to you and possibly a self-debtor if it is registered in the løyvegaranti.

Each claim that is registered against the guarantee will be charged to the licensee with a fee of NOK 490. If the same claim results in payment from the guarantee, the licensee will be charged an additional fee of NOK 1,510.


The entire warranty liability only ceases 6 months after the license warranty has ended. This is because claims that have arisen before the løyvegaranti ended can be reported against the guarantee for 6 months afterwards and must therefore be processed under the guarantee. In the event of payment from the guarantee, a claim for recourse will be sent to the licensee and self-debtor (if registered in the guarantee) for repayment. If the amount is not repaid, the case is forwarded to debt collection.

You will then initially receive a reminder with a reminder fee. If this reminder is not paid by the due date, your løyvegaranti will automatically be terminated and, in addition, a notification will be sent to the licensing authority with 2 months' notice that you then have no valid løyvegaranti with us.

You must ensure that the claimant sends us written feedback that your claims have been settled. When we are informed that the claim has been settled, we can close the case and you will receive a confirmation.

Termination of the løyvegaranti must be done in writing with the correct termination date by email to
The termination date cannot be set back in time, as the county council and the National Roads Administration do not accept this, it can be today's date or a date in the future.

The guarantee amount for the year 2024 cannot be determined until October 2023, as it is calculated based on the exchange rate applicable in the EU on October 1st. If the guarantee amount changes from January 1st, it will affect the premium.

If you did not find an answer to your question, we ask that you send an e-mail to and tell us what the case is about. We respond to emails within 2 to 3 working days. 

You can also reach us on tel: +47 46 82 30 85 between 09:00 and 11:00, Monday to Friday. Due to the  large number of inquiries, some waiting time must be expected.